So Sailtember IV started today. Although I didn't blog them, the last two years have been great and successful sailtembers and I'm ready to do it again. Hopefully I can maintain a blog this time as well. It's really hard dealing with the logistical of life, sailing everyday and then doing a webpost.

Anyway there is a storm in the gulf that might be coming this way. Will keep you posted on that.

I sailed for about an hour and a half today. There was almost no wind, so it was a matter of patience. I motored to breakwater and then sailed around at 1-2knots sometimes duping as low as .6 knots underway. I sailed through whole harbor and back to my mooring without any issues. That was fun and good practice.

See you tomorrow!
(And pictures are to come)

2014 Sailing Season Planning

The planning for Sailtember 2014 has begun...

I am looking to purchase a 25-30 foot boat and then keep it in one of the harbors in my immediate area on a mooring.  I know the sailing grounds now and last years adventures certainly have me craving for more.  Now I have to find the right boat and the right harbor for her.  After that I need to get a dinghy.

Padanaram, Marion, and New Bedford are all in the running.

Below are my proposed boat names:
Passion I - My first choice for a boat I consider a keeper.  I would continue the series with future boats (II,III, etc)
My 'lil Playgirl (w matching Playboy logo) - Second choice, probably for a boat that I don't think will be around for long)

I am looking at a Pearson 30 that is located in Cape Cod.  I've been out there twice now and will have a professional marine surveyor visiting on Friday. I'm already spending money and I don't even own the boat yet! LOL

I am brainstorming on what this years personal challenge for Sailtember might be.  I want it to be more fun and less work than last year.  If I am going to do a 30 day cruise, I definitely need help with crew.  If I am going to live on the boat and daysail for 30 days straight, I think I'd like to find a boat slip so I'm at a dock.

Here are pics of the boat I am looking at:

It has LORAN! Just in case the cold war comes back and Marty McFly wants to navigate for me.