8/31/13 Laser Sail

New Job photos

I like the name: Ol Lady, New Job

That is Mark. He is the owner. 

Yes, this is a landscaping trailer that is on loan until the leaves start falling. 
Snipatuit Pond, Rochester MA Boat Launch
Sealion Sail Insignia 
New Boom Vang installed on New Job (it's the one that came w my laser but I added the padeyes for attaching it)

End of the day

Intercom: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain reaching"
Note to all the non-sailors: The jib and mainsail are doing what is called wing-on-wing in this photo. 

Test Sail 8/29

I got out for another test sail in the laser yesterday. It was dark and grey but blowing pretty good. Everything went smoothly with the solo launch/recovery of the boat.  There were actually 3 other trailers parked in the lot when I arrived at 10am, motor boats of course, but more than I expected on a Thursday morning.  Aside from that, I was alone and didn't have to speak with anyone for about three hours.  It was very nice.  The wind was 15mph from the north (coming right off the land) so the waves were almost non existent in Clark's Cove.  After my confidence was up, I made it out past Ft. Rodman out to the New Bedford entrance markers 8 and 9 and made an effort to sail over to the lighthouse in the middle of New Bedford harbor (I'm blanking on the name right now, but it is for sale...).  I started getting cold on the upwind leg to the lighthouse, and my gut said it was time to turn around, so I didn't make it to the light house, but I will soon.

I have a cam cleat mainsheet assembly that I really want to change out to the single block w the cams being on the rail.
 This is how I remember most of the lasers I sailed as a kid being set up and with the existing set up, I'm bound to capsize eventually from not being able to get my hand high enough to release the sheet from the cam.  That being said, I think I also want to see a bunch of other peoples set ups before I commit to a mainsheet set-up.  And based on this post from SailingForums.com, I'm not the first person to wonder this.

Being patient on making a repair decision also goes for the crazy bow repair that the last owners did.  It works, is stable, and I attribute most of the savings I pocketed during the purchase on this bad boy of a patch job. So its a love/hate relationship as far as the patch goes. Ms. Laser wouldn't be in my life with out you, however I will loath the sight of you everyday I lay my eyes on you Mr. Crazy Patch...

  It looks like a marshmallow starting to melt by the fire, like the boat just might ooze out and drip on the ground.  I'm still undecided how much work I want to put into this particular laser hull given its age and the various issues that I am already aware of.  If its anything like my apartment house, it's really a matter of what you don't know yet that you should really be afraid of...

Later in the day I stopped at West Marine and picked up a small pack of 105/205 West Systems Epoxy/Resin.  The day before I filled up the S-4 boat "New Job" with water to find where it was leaking and I found a nice 4 inch gash in the port side below the waterline.  This is the source of the water that has been flooding the boat after 3 hours of sailing.  This past weekend, I had to sail back to the ramp, load it back on the trailer, drain it for 10 minutes and then put it back in for another 3 hours of fun.  The water was so high there was really only about 6 inches of air left in the boat.  My girlfriends father owns an auto shop so I used his tools and prepped the spot and then applied my first epoxy since I was a kid trying to make a river in my model train set.  The kit came with a small sheet for fiberglass that I cut and bedded onto the whole patch.  It takes 5-7 hours to cure so I might have a chance to get out there today to see how it worked out.  This is my backup boat to the laser for Sailtember and I might need it in a pinch if something happens to the laser.  It is also the only thing I have access to right now that I can teach my girlfriend how to sail on.  We tried the two people on a laser idea and it was fun til she got nailed in the head with the boom.  Now we are back to plan A, the mysterious New Job and it's hopefully dry hull.

Spent last night watching all the great fiberglass how to videos on YouTube.  I can't wait to have an excuse to do a bigger job with the stuff LOL.

Finally, for the Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover file: The really old crotchety looking guy with the Colonel Sanders facial hair that works at West Marine was actually SO cool and turned me on to marine.GeoGarage.com when I asked about charts for all my Sailtember exploits to come. So I will be printing and laminating from this site so I know where the rocks are.  It kills me to pay money for a map or chart. Thanks Colonel!

1st post

Sailtember is almost here!

About a week ago it occurred to me that I could go sailing every day in September and therefore I should.
I missed the last two years of the sailing seasons focused on making sure my father's final attempt at entrepreneurship would not be a failure.  It has been a very trying few years for me and everyone who knows me agrees, I need to take some time for myself again... At this point I find myself to be fortunate enough to now have a fully occupied rental property that I manage, that is stable enough to let me devote whatever time it takes to accomplish 1 hour or more on the water per day every day of September come hell or hurricane! (we'll get to talk about storms later)

I combed the craigslist ads all summer and found a sailable Laser sailboat that I purchased on this August 16th.  I got it for about half the cost of a kayak ad it came with a road trailer. More about the laser to come...

I also have access to a S-4 model Nautical Boat Works fiberglass sloop rig.
 Its was sitting upside down in my girlfriend neighbors yard for 30 years or so.  He had all the rigging, spars, sails from another boat called a Sealion.  It reminds me of what summer camps probably had in the late 60's and the boom is so low (Sealions must have had a taller mast) that it could whack a seated adult my size on the jawbone.  The time I have invested in this boat was mainly as a pressure release from not having a boat to play with in July and from the desire to teach my girlfriend to sail.  The experience and confidence gained from this sailboat made me ready to take on the laser project (and a project it has become!).

My vision for Sailtember is as follows:
1. A personal challenge to myself to make it happen day in and day out.  Through this I will further my learning in general and gain experience on my new boat and become a stronger sailor.  I will test out my set up (boat, trailer, hitch etc.), put it thorough the paces and refine as needed.
2. Use it as a way of socializing with other sailors who share my passion for just getting out there on the water.  This may come in the form of going for a ride on someone else's boat or trying to get together with other Lasers or small boats to race around with. I tend to learn the most when I am with a more experienced sailor that talks while they are doing about what they are doing.
3. Using it as a way of encouraging others to get out on their own boats, for their own reasons, or just for the fun of it.  I'm a big fan of personal challenges.

More to come soon! Daily posts promised once it all starts!