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Sailtember is almost here!

About a week ago it occurred to me that I could go sailing every day in September and therefore I should.
I missed the last two years of the sailing seasons focused on making sure my father's final attempt at entrepreneurship would not be a failure.  It has been a very trying few years for me and everyone who knows me agrees, I need to take some time for myself again... At this point I find myself to be fortunate enough to now have a fully occupied rental property that I manage, that is stable enough to let me devote whatever time it takes to accomplish 1 hour or more on the water per day every day of September come hell or hurricane! (we'll get to talk about storms later)

I combed the craigslist ads all summer and found a sailable Laser sailboat that I purchased on this August 16th.  I got it for about half the cost of a kayak ad it came with a road trailer. More about the laser to come...

I also have access to a S-4 model Nautical Boat Works fiberglass sloop rig.
 Its was sitting upside down in my girlfriend neighbors yard for 30 years or so.  He had all the rigging, spars, sails from another boat called a Sealion.  It reminds me of what summer camps probably had in the late 60's and the boom is so low (Sealions must have had a taller mast) that it could whack a seated adult my size on the jawbone.  The time I have invested in this boat was mainly as a pressure release from not having a boat to play with in July and from the desire to teach my girlfriend to sail.  The experience and confidence gained from this sailboat made me ready to take on the laser project (and a project it has become!).

My vision for Sailtember is as follows:
1. A personal challenge to myself to make it happen day in and day out.  Through this I will further my learning in general and gain experience on my new boat and become a stronger sailor.  I will test out my set up (boat, trailer, hitch etc.), put it thorough the paces and refine as needed.
2. Use it as a way of socializing with other sailors who share my passion for just getting out there on the water.  This may come in the form of going for a ride on someone else's boat or trying to get together with other Lasers or small boats to race around with. I tend to learn the most when I am with a more experienced sailor that talks while they are doing about what they are doing.
3. Using it as a way of encouraging others to get out on their own boats, for their own reasons, or just for the fun of it.  I'm a big fan of personal challenges.

More to come soon! Daily posts promised once it all starts!

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