Back to the Harbor (23)

After the really long sail yesterday, I just want to keep it simple today.  Although I have my reservations about the water quality, sailing in the New Bedford inner harbor is pretty easy, it has distractions to look at and there are eyeballs watching the water if anything bad were to happen.

I also want to find the other active sailors in the Harbor that Ben had mentioned.  He said there were a few other small sailboats and one of the guys wanted to put on informal races just for fun.

After being out for a little while, low and behold I found Ron, they guy that Ben had spoken about.  I sailed by and introduced myself and we got to talking for about a half hour.  I am amazed to hear of the wild times he has had with Fairhaven just to get a mooring assigned to him.  He even had to hit the town with a Freedom of Information Act request in the process.

We exchanged info and I hope to be racing with him soon.

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