Feeling worse

So this headcold has settled in for the long haul and I woke up really horse.  It sounded like Henry did Saturday morning in New Hampshire.  Hey, he sailed 7 races that day, so I guess I can figure out how to get my butt on a boat for an hour today.

I recruited my girlfriend to come along and keep me company.  She recently started a job that is 20 minutes away from Tempest Knob, so if I can get there, rigg up the boat and launch it myself, she will have her first "rockstar" treatment sailing experience (no setup, just show up at the dock).

I drove out to Rochester with the dogs, left them on a screened in porch and picked up the boat.  Before I could leave her parents house, my girlfriend called me and said she was already on her way.  So she met me at the house and we drove together.  So much for rockstar treatment today!

It was nice to have someone to help me rigg up the boat.  The biggest pain of both the Laser and New Job, are erecting the mast.  Both come in two parts and once connected, they need to stand up straight and be lifted and gently lowered into the right slot just so.  It's kind of heavy, but much more so awkward.  Just having a second set of hands for five minutes is a big help.

Once up we sailed out into Wareham Harbor with more wind than we have had in New Job together.  And this time with a dry boat!  We were about an hour away from sinking twice launching from this spot before I patched the fiberglass.  Now instead of being able to measure how long we have been sailing by how much water was inside the walls of the boat (yes, that is what an inspection port is for. Its a countdown timer of how long until you are swimming back.)

We also had good luck with the sticky centerboard.  Without it you have no "traction" in the water and you will just sail sideways.  It is a terrible feeling!  To remedy this I have at various times had to swim, flip over the boat on a beach and a boat ramp, re-trailer it, as well as using brute force to lift it onto a floating dock.

With confidence, we strutted all around the harbor.  We even made it into one of the side little coves that I usually avoid due to fear of running aground or running out of wind.

The boat was moving faster than I had seen it move before and I was grateful for the extra weight to keep the boat level.

The next few days should be nicer and warmer.  In addition, the full moon is on the 19th and has been present at sunset for the last few days. I can't believe I am am more than halfway done with this crazy idea!

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