Sailing as a chore

Goal of the day should be to deal with the crack in the fiberglass that is allowing the Laser to leak.

I took it out to the auto-shop that I do my repairs at and also got some advice from the body work guy that rents space there.  After a few hours of baby sitting the fiberglass it was getting late and I needed to get my sail of the day in.  Grabbed New Job and paddled out into Snippituit Pond putting my sails up while drifting downwind.  Success, my sails are up and the sun has not officially set yet.  Its 6:24 pm, 62F outside and blowing 10-12 across the lake.  I sailed around and enjoyed doing Facetime with my two year old niece while underway.  She saw me sailing in Martha's Vineyard about a month ago and she remembers it!

I came in at 730.  It was dark, the crescent moon so perfectly placed in the sky that it allowed me to pull in and unrig the boat by moon light.  
I used a headlamp to get the boat on the trailer, almost dropped the mast onto the car and aside from that, it was business as usual.  I drove off as the clock hit 8pm.

Can't wait to see how the laser repairs turned out tomorrow.

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