Freetown for a break

I'm still tired and sore.  To make things worse, I feel like I have caught some of the cold that the skipper had this weekend.  Its like a painful sore throat and nothing else yet.  It is much colder out than it has been lately and I left the windows open last night, so I'm not sure if I have a fever or just am just cold to the bone, but I'm freezing.

To make matters worse, its really windy today (20mph).  As much as I would like to scream around Clark's Cove on a laser in 20 mph winds, I know that is a bad idea today.  Just the muscle that is required to get the laser mast/sail into the boat is enough  to make me want to avoid strong winds today.  Add in the cold temperatures and a headcold, and I'm really not looking forward to this.

If I'm going to pull this off today, I will have to make special arrangements to make it easier.

I decide to go midday at the warmest time of the day.  I match that with going to Freetowns Long Pond to avoid the ocean waves and open waters.  How can I go wrong?!?

When I finally get there, I make the biggest mistake first and put on a shorty wetsuit instead of a full length one.  I did this because I thought that since I needed to wade into the water to launch to boat, that I would be better off with drying skin than a wet wetsuit on my legs for the duration of the sail.  Silly me.

It ended up being an uneventful, very brightly lit, hour long sail in a lake.  My exposed skin on my arms and legs were in goosebumps and it didn't bother me one bit when I had to turn around to go home.

I'm done by 3pm and on to finish the rest of my day.  Thank god I won't be watching the frigid sunset tonight from a boat.

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