Clark's Cove Laser sail before a meeting (26)

I took the laser to Clark's Cove today.  It was a nice breeze out of the North East, which is not a common wind direction here.  It allowed me to enjoy a decent , at times plannable wind without having to deal with any waves.

I sailed around a little with some kids that were going out for what looked like first introductory sails at the Community Boating center in Dartmouth.  They were on Sonars and after a lot of unruly horseplay on the bow, while underway and healing, one of them fell overboard.  I know the councilors want the kids to enjoy themselves, but if I was a parent, I would have flipped if I saw the way they were acting.  I wasn't allowed to get away with crap like that until I (and all my friends at sailing school) knew how to rescue ourselves and by then we knew, stay in and on the boat.

I got back on land and pack up a quick as I could because I need to get home to switch from this wetsuit into something I can wear to a community meeting tonight.

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