Thursday before the regatta

I went to Clark's Cove this morning with the Laser and tried to do my best not to hurt myself or otherwise over tax myself.  I have a lot of driving to do to get to NH today. Then racing most of the day for the next three days straight.  So in all reality, this mornings sail is basically just to keep my streak going.

There is a point traveling south on West Rodney French Blvd. when the hurricane barrier ends and the view of the water and the exposure to incoming ocean winds becomes apparent.  At this point, every time,  my head switches from "driver" to "sailor".  It's New Bedford's "big reveal" so to speak.  Lot's of places have a spot or two like this, but this one in particular speak to the heart of a mariner. The one on East Rodney French is probably quite similar, but I never approach my home sailing grounds from that direction.

The wind was really blowing today.  I was glad that I basically only had a one hour commitment otherwise I could have really tired myself out.  I flew across the cove in less than 10 minutes, and basically ran the same reaches back and forth from the Dartmouth beach back and back to the ramp to check in with my fisherman friend I made while rigging up.  The orders I had left him with were "Call the police if I'm flipped over for more than 5 minutes." He replied "Nah, I'll just jump in and get you." Gee, what a considerate idiot! The cove is  about a mile across and it was blowing 15+ mph with waves.

I got back to my house, changed clothes, changed gears, packed the car and I'm off to NH for the weekend.  Sailtember is hitting the road.

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