Saturday 21st

I'm kind of in the doghouse today because I didn't stop the full moon sail from leaving the dock before I could get a hold of my GF.  I wasn't the captain, just a guest, so there wasn't anything I could have done.

That being said, it is blowing pretty good and I went out on the laser for a nice three hours in Clark's Cove.  I flipped the boat to windward (backwards) and found myself deposited of off the boat as it came crashing down.  Oh, this is the first time my sailing helmet has paid off.  I did get whacked in the helmet and it wouldn't have been that bad but it could have been.  As soon as I looked up I saw the the boat had exceeded 90 degrees and was quickly flipping completely over (turtling).  I about had a heart attack from the though and swam around the back, climbed on the centerboard and gave it my all to keep it from inverting.  

It came back quite nicely to 90 degrees.  I couldn't have pulled that off with my 16 year old body, the last time I was big into lasers.  After a quick check that all the lines were free, I flipped her back over and was planning again in minutes.

This got me to thinking that I need a windshield.  I have been dealing with stinging in my eyes from the huge amount of water that is spraying that your head.  I want to make a face shield that will allow me to still wear prescription sunglasses and not have spray come around them into my eyes.

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