Better weather, bad Captain

So yesterday was what Sailtembers are supposed to be made of... Not a cloud in the sky, just pushing 80F for the days high and blowing 15-20. When I pulled through the NB hurricane barrier to have the perfect ocean reveal itself it was like the angel chorus had come down to sing for me in my car! See:

I procrastinated from 2-4 during which I should of just left the house and made it happen. Instead I left at 4:20. Ready to rig up and launch the boat in Clark's cove. I loaded all the part of the boat from the car to the cockpit and realized, whoops!, I don't have my boom vang. It's in Rochester still hooked up to New Job a nice 30minutes from where I was standing. 

Unpacked the boat back into the car and hightailed it to Rochester. Got the vang that I had left in new job during the heavy rain of two days ago, it had what looked like all the hardware on it and I was running I get it and then back to the car. On the way back to the car, I had a fleeting thought of "gee, how can I make myself more effective and not always have these sorts of, oops I forgot an important part moments".

At this point It was 530 and Tempest Knob was closer than driving back to New Bedford.  So I go to Tempest Knob. 
Set the laser back up for attempt #2 and get the boat in the water and while rigging up the boom and attaching the boom bang, I realize I'm missing one of the three turnbuckles I need to attach the vang to the mast/boom. (Benny Hill blasting) I rush to the car rummage through some spots where I thought I might have a spare. Can't find one!  Furious, I unrig everything, load up the car and am flying out of the lot at 6:20 to go back to Rochester to find the turnbuckle that I am sure is still submerged in rainwater in the footwell of New Job. As pissed off as I was, I was not going to quit. Not going to let a $15 glorified keychain keep me from a successful Sailtember! No way!

645 I'm back in Rochester sprinting across my GF's parents property with half a wetsuit flailing behind me.  Can't stop the Benny Hill in my head!!!

Submerged turnbuckle #3: Got it!

Snipatuit pond was much closer at this point and I could have gone there but my   Pride had me driving back to Tempest Knob where I had already put my $5 in the box. 

When I got there I rigged up like a guy who had been practicing rigging all day. No missing parts, no BS'ing w the alcoholics that were crabbing, just slap it together and uncleat that bowline.  715 launch. Benny Hill fades out and fade in Styx - Come Sail Away

I had a very light wind coming straight into the dock, so I tacked a few times getting out of there and then made it out to the farthest anchorage toward the bay. I saw a sailboat about a half a mile away coming into their morning so I made them my arbitrary goal of the evening. After a few more tacks I was in position to give them a surprise "Ahoy" from four boat lengths away. After a quick chat, I headed back. Now on a run, I zig zagged back trying to run out the 1 hour clock. Damn this laser makes good time even in light winds. I got back at 815pm on the dot, unrigged for the third time of the day and called it a success. 

The moral to this story or at least my take away from it is "Look in the mirror and get to know your real worst enemy.  At times is YOU and this is unavoidable, but you have to just keep on pushing until you get the result you desire."

Sunset over Wareham River:
All the BS today was worth this view. 

I am very excited about today. I am going to RI to sail w two experienced Laser sailors and hopefully I won't suck so bad that I can't keep up. I'm looking forward to playing follow the leader and really observing certain sailing techniques that are unique to the laser given its small size. This will also be good because I am going to get me first impressions from others about the seaworthiness of my boat.

(with no silly music this time!)

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  1. LOL. You are getting a lot of experience at sailing after sunset!

    We've all been there - ready to launch the boat and find something is missing. My solution these days is basically to keep everything for the boat in the back of my car or on the boat on its trailer. Not entirely foolproof but close.

    See you later.