Couples Night on the Harbor

I took my Gf out to NB harbor for the first time today.  She is still exploring sailing the the first time and it was a nice change in venue from the other three places she has sailed from.

While we were circling the little private island in the middle of the harbor, I spotted Ben approaching in his boat.  We linked up and sailed around together, both of us with our girlfriends aboard.

After we put the boat away, we drove out to the country, borrowed a pickup truck, bought a used elliptical exercise machine and brought it home.  I left New Job in Rochester and will pick her up tomorrow for a sail when I bring the truck back.  I hope the exercise machine will help me stay in shape this winter and will help me start next sailing season with a lot me endurance than I had this season.

That being said, I have been watching the entire America's Cup and I have taken a few things away from it as a sailor:
A) I'm wearing a helmet on high performance boats with low booms from now on.
B) Cardio and strength training to make you a better sailor is enough motivation for me to workout everyday.
C) I want to foil too!

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