J Jamboree 2013 Lake Winnipesaukee Day 2

This photo and the others photos that are credited to Al Herte were generously provided to me and remain the property of Al Herte.  Thanks for being the cool guy that wants to take photos of people enjoying their sailboats Al!

We have a very long day of sailing ahead of us.  The first race is at 10am and we need to eat breakfast, pack provisions for lunch, travel to the boat, get out onto the water and practice a little before the races start.

A duck wandered aboard looking for a snack or a ride south.

The weather looks good, no rain in the forecast.

It turned out to be perfect fall sailing weather. 15 mph most of the day, never below 10.  Lots of sun and barely any waves for the amount of wind we were having.

We got seven races in for the day and our best finish was 4th place.  It's hard to tell what was holding the boat back.  Was it a poorly tuned boat, bottom paint that had more drag than everyone else, a helmsman who wasn't sailing upwind fast enough, local sailing knowledge about how the wind acts on different parts of the lake or some other unseen difference in how they were sailing thier boat versus how were were sailing ours?  This is very hard to answer for me and it became a frequent topic of conversation all weekened: "Why are we so slow".  If we had been in my Laser, I could have given you at least five answers but I don't know the J-80 well enough to say.

The rest are from Al... (we are under sail number 808)

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