Today it was windy enough to want/need and extra person.  I'm still a little beat up from 12 hours on a laser this weekend and New Job and her seats are call me.  I have not had a chance to get New Job out in heavy winds and hopefully this will be a good day for it. I have lots of doubts about the boat and the strength of the rig so this might be a good day for a test.

New Job will also allow me to take my girlfriend with me and try to build on the "relaxing" sail that she enjoyed last week.  

So we suited up in foul weather gear and went to Tempest Knob.  Because of the position of the ramp and the multiple floating docks, it is a safe bet that you can rig the boat and cast off cleanly no matter the direction or strength of the wind.

We sailed upwind for about an hour and a half to get out to the huge wooden bench at the really long sand bar (about a mile from the dock).  The sun had set and she was concerned that we were too far out, even though I had reassured her that our return to the dock was a straight shot downwind, no jibes required, and would take us about 10 minutes.  I continued a little further and then she got out the stop watch as we turned around to go back.  11 minutes back to the dock! Very little water in the hull, but I do see where more repairs should be considered.

Off to her parents house to pick up the dogs and then to her dads auto shop to pick up her car and my laser, then back to her parents house to pick up something very important that I left there (ask me in person), then back to the autoshop and then back to New Bedford.  Sailtember is tons of fun but it ain't easy! Oh, and the mileage on the car, OMG! Thank god I'm not keeping track of that.

I have big plans for the weekend that I will reveal tomorrow!

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