Did it!

I cajoled my neighbor into coming with me and he seems to have had a good time.  He used to have a small sailboat and I'm pretty sure New Job was definitely smaller and more cramped then what he had been on.  It took a little while but he found the spot in front of the mast that my  Gf likes to take refuge in and then he seemed to be a lot more comfortable.

  It kind of sucks that both boats I have access to are really not the kinds of craft you want to use to introduce an adult into sailing.

We worked our way up to the rt 6 bridge past lots of dredging barges and heavy equipment that are working in the harbor right now.  We made it around the little private island in the Harbor and had a dead run from there straight back to the ramp. 

Sounds fast but we were probably sailing from almost two hours.  I have a fundraiser for a local city council person to attend tonight.

I did it! I did it! I did it!
Sailtember 2013: Didn't miss a day!

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  1. Congratulations. That's an impressive achievement. What next?