Tempest knob solo (25th)

Yesterday was long and tiring and I didn't get as early of a start as I wanted to today.  I bought the truck back and picked up my car with New Job attached to it.  I drove to Tempest Knob and decided to take a nap.  I am in no way unfamiliar with snoozing in my car.  At least an hour had passed and I slowly began to rig up the boat and launch her.  

I was like molasses.  Once the boat was in, I went out and had a chance to use the telltales that I recently put on the sail.  It was enlightening to see what the air was actually doing in the sail as it is happening.  I knew this, but foolishly have taken this long to put them on the sail.

On the way in, I almost ran into my girlfriends father and her uncle on his motor boat.  So I wasn't the only guy crazy enough to be on the water.  He actually has company and one more waiting at the dock for a pick up.

I pulled in, packed up and called it a night.  All this damn sailing is getting to me LOL!

I have also started elipticaling on my new machine:

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