Laser Friday! (27th)

So I am excited about this weekend.  I only have a few days to complete Sailtember successfully and this weekend I am going to be a guest on a 40 footer out of Padenarum.

That being said, I need to go sailing today too.

I brought the laser to Clark's Cove.  It was 5-8 mph out of the north and sunny.  My arms started to get cold even though they had only gotten a little water on my wet suit.  I hope this is not a bad omen for sailing over the next few months.

It was just me on the water.  I didn't see anyone until I was back at the dock.  Two guys (one Jamaican and the other is Latino) who I didn't not mention in yesterdays post, arrived at the dock as I was putting the boat in. They were half sober which was an amazing improvement over their state of barely being able to talk and drive the day before.  Once again, I got to hear their drunken speech about how cool it was that I "get out there and sail the boat" and that I have the "special clothing for the water" (wetsuit).

And that was it.  I went home and got ready for tomorrow on the big boat.

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